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IATC Enterprises was established as a full service website design and marketing company providing services to mostly local clients. Over the next five years the company would experience steady growth acquiring hundreds of clients worldwide.

During this time IATC also began shifting direction from website design to focus on website marketing and Search Engine Optimization. Design services are continued but only in conjunction with marketing and SEO services.


IATC Enterprises began focusing its efforts strictly towards online marketing and search engine optimization. Research into these areas led to the discovery of many new techniques and strategies that translated into extremely effective marketing campaigns for all of our clients.

Three years later in 2007 after delivering top notch marketing services to hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide IATC decides to take a new direction. Although still in the online marketing and SEO industry our focus is now switched to software development and marketing automation research.


IATC Enterprises releases its first software product SEnuke. SEnuke was the first fully automated offsite SEO software ever made available. Today it is known as SEnuke XCr and it is still considered the leader in automated link building technology amongst SEO professionals.


IATC Enterprises introduces its second software offering, an all in one WordPress site builder and marketing automation platform released as SiteBildZ is a breakthrough innovation that not only automates all of the technical aspects of setting up and creating a website but also offers powerful research, social media, analytics and reporting features. An updated version with even more powerful new features will be released in the spring of 2014.


IATC Enterprises continues its research and development into marketing automation with a special interest in Artificial Intelligence technologies and how they might someday be integrated.

Marketing automation will soon become a critical component in running various day to day business operations and it is the goal of IATC Enterprises to be at the forefront of development in this industry.

This is going to be a tremendous year for all of us at IATC as we prepare to provide you with even more exciting innovations!